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Horses SOLD

Rey Rey

Call for Price $$

Registered Name:Cats Lil Reymate

Date of Birth:4/30/2017

Really cool little mare! Super catty and will watch a cow all day! Sort and rope on her. She has been to Patrick Martin for tie-down training and has been entered the heel side. She has also been used in the pasture. Easy to ride and level headed. Has quite the personality and likes to stay busy! Stands 14hh.

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Registered Name:Big Sort Rocket

Date of Birth:3/20/2017

Beautiful Koehn Ranch bred, born and raised dun gelding! An upcoming roping star! Has been started in tie-down, heeling, and heading! We will be hauling him soon! He has the speed and loves to work the rope! He is wonderful to use out in the pasture as well. He goes anywhere you ask him to and has no buck. He will go any speed you need and does not mind being by himself. Stands 15hh.
​Full Sibs Rocket’s stud colt 2021


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Registered Name:Big Bell Sort

Date of Birth:3/25/2017

Beautiful brood mare that throws even more beautiful colts. Well built with a great personality. Offspring Rambler


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Registered Name:Prime Spot

Date of Birth:5/9/2012

Beautifully built, hard working mare! Can be hauled for; Tie Down, Breakaway, Heading or Heeling. Perfect in the box every time! Puts anyone in the sweet spot every time! Has been hauled to AQHA shows and won points. She has also won money at rodeos! Safe for beginners wanting a  solid and safe horse to learn on! Keep and eye out for her at the PRCA Rodeos heading – she has been in the short-go at PRCA Rodeos heading! 15hh


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Registered Name:Pitts Cremelo Mate

Date of Birth:6/30/2017

Great looking buckskin mare! She has been used out in the pasture to bring cattle in. She is very athletic and has a great stop. Future tie-down and team roping horse! Will be the perfect size for a switch ender. Currently being trained for tie-down.


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Registered Name:Big Sort A Doo

Date of Birth:4/21/2018

Sweet red roan filly out of Daisy, by Sid. She has been used out in the pasture and is very willing! She has been to Patrick Martin for tie-down training. She has proven older siblings in tie-down and heeling (Rosie and Red on sold page)! Nothing bothers her and she is very easy to get along with. She is honest, no buck and never acts fresh. 14.2hh Full Sibs Big Sort Daisy Doo “Rosie”, Dandy 2020


Call for Price $$

Registered Name:JA Sheza Cool Cat

Date of Birth:4/5/2018

Nice filly! She has been to Patrick Martin for tie-down training. She has been used in the pasture to gather cows and drag calves to the iron! Level headed and super athletic! She has been hauled in breakaway to the Ultimate Calf Ropings, with a rope barrier. She tracks like no other and has a great stop! Quiet in the box and is the same horse away from home. She has been started on live steers on the heel side too – a natural! Very serious and likes peppermint treats! 14.2hh


Registered Name:Jakes Smartlilhottie

Date of Birth:4/10/2016

This little mare is one of a kind. She stands 14hh. Performs in Tie Down, Breakaway and Heeling. Gets the job done every time! She is push style and will be in perfect position every time! Perfect in the box and beginner safe! She has been hauled to rodeos and AQHA Shows! She is used to the barrier and rodeo atmosphere. Beginner friendly!

​Joe C4

Registered Name:Fourc Clabberboy 203

Date of Birth:March 14, 2003

Finished tie down and head horse. Strong and reliable!

Sid horse
Roping horse


Registered Name:Big as He Was

Date of Birth:April 26, 2013

Beautiful Red Roan gelding grandson of “Big As I Am” and own son of Sid Miller stud “Big Classic Wonder”. Very gentle with a great disposition. Specialized training in Tie Down, Breakaway and Heeling. He has gone on to help a little boy fulfill his dreams of being a champion calf roper!


Registered Name:Rusty Mini King

Date of Birth:May 17, 2003

This gelding is a great horse with an unbelievable stop. Rusty has been hauled a ton, being competed on in many different event including, breakaway, ribbon roping and tie down. He has been to the National Junior High Finals in tie down and ribbon roping in 2011 and also went back in 2012 for ribbon roping. He has won 1 US Calf Roping and has won some big money. This horse is the real deal. He is suitable for all ages of people. Bred by the two time saddle bronc world champ, Deb Copenhaver, Rusty is a great roping horse that can get the job done right and fast. Deb’s son, Jeff Copenhaver, tie down world champ in 1975, has been teaching the tricks and traits of calf roping to the riders of this horse for many years now and has made this horse better with just words of wisdom. This nice gelding has been ridden or trained by Gary Johnson, Josh Peek, Raymond Hallengaugh, John Tibbets, Jeff Copenhaver, and Jeremiah Peek. Rusty is only getting better with age. Buy him while you can, the price and tallent of this horse is only going to go up from here. You may also view his pedigree by Below are some options of different rodeo events, click on which one you would like to see this amazing horse perform.

Jane horse
Jane horse


Call for price

Registered Name:Topsail Pinebar

Date of Birth:April 1, 2003

Topsail Pinebar is a top notch PRCA calf horse. Good reining horse as well. Trained by Neil Felton. To view pedigree,

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Registered Name:Starrockets N Flight

Date of Birth:May 3, 2003

If you’re looking for a flashy all-around horse with a lot of speed and potential to grow more toward victory, this is the perfect horse for you. This black mare stands 15 hands and is a perfect addition to anyone’s trailer load. She is a finished barrel racing, goat tying, breakaway roping, and tie down horse. Ridden and Trained by Gary Johnson, Doug Clark, Brenda Gehrt, and Ryan Studdard. Easy to ride and great disposition. Below are some options of different rodeo events, click on which one you would like to see this amazing horse perform.  Barrel Racing Pole Bending

Kill pen horse
Kid broke horse


Registered Name:Jays Josie Rey

Date of Birth:May 7, 2001

Josie is a 15.1 hands, washed up cutting horse that drops her head and goes. She is a top notch tie down horse for any age of person. Made it to the short round in breakaway at the National Junior High Finals in Gallup, New Mexico in 2009 and 2012. She is the most honest and finished as you will find bred in this world. Josie is a great mare that won’t ever cheat you or take your chances away from you. She has won over $20,000 on this while we have owned her! She is ready to go and win some more.


Registered Name:Big Sort Bell Star

Date of Birth:3/27/2016

One of many Koehn Ranch bred, born and raised horses. This mare is trained in Tie Down, Breakaway, Heeling and Heading. She has gone on to be a Champion Head horse at the high school level!

Quarter horse
Rambler horse


Registered Name:Grade

Date of Birth:1/1/2010

Big beautiful grey gelding. Ready to be hauled for; Tie Down, Breakaway, Heading or heeling.

Videos: Heading


Registered Name:Bueno Burner

Date of Birth:May 1, 2002

This big man is built like a freight train. He has been trianed by Raymond Hallegbaugh and Dean Ducan and sons. He is an amazing head horse and tie down horse. Easy to teach and will get better with time!!! He is ready to be hauled and roped off of right now. Won’t find a horse with a great future and a huge engine like him for the price. He is a very nice gelding. Come try him and you will see what he can do.

Rudy horse
Quarter horse


Registered Name:Big Sort Daisy Doo

Date of Birth:5/2/2015

Another Koehn Ranch bred, born and raised mare! Such a gentle disposition but can definitely perform with the best of them. Ready to be hauled.


Registered Name:Cody(Grade)

Cody has been to the NFR 3 times with Josh Peek and many PRCA cowboys have won significant amounts of money on him. This nice gelding is very experienced and is ready to take some young new cowboy all the way to the NFR.

Whiskey horse
Matilda horse


Registered Name:Poco Bar Bell Star

Date of Birth:4/28/2014

Gorgeous blue roan gelding! Gentle enough for anyone to pleasure ride but knows when it’s time to work. Amazingly built and has a great stop! Can be hauled for; Tie Down, Breakaway or Heading. He also has an amazing Pedigree.


Registered Name:What’s Your Tradition

Date of Birth:February 29, 2000

Very athletic Retired Tie Down Mare. Standing 14.2 hands, Roper is a sorrel mare that has won everywhere!. She has been ridden or trained by Josh Peek, Jeremiah Peek, Jeff Copenhaver, Gary Johnson and Ryan Studdard. She is helping a little boy fulfill his calf roping dreams!

AC horse
Rip horse


Registered Name:None

Date of Birth: None

Sammie is a gelding that is a finished head horse. He has been roped off of at rodeos, jackpots and USTRC ropings. He is very good in the box and scores great. Sammie has ran barrels before and has also been used around the ranch as well.


Dually is a gelding that has the ability of a horse way beyond his age. Dually is a finished Head and Heel Horse that has been hauled to the USTRC Finals for the last 2 years. He is also a finished breakaway horse that has been hauled on the college level the past 2 years. He has lots of run with a big stop. He will perform with 150% of his heart every time. He is a great horse and will only get better with time. Get him while you can! Below are some events you can click on to see this horse perform

Heading            Heeling

Feed lot horse
Stallions horse


Registered Name:CD Bell Stars Doll

Date of Birth: 4/22/2009

Broodmare, best looking mare on our farm. Throws beautiful colts! This beautiful brood mare has produced many of the Koehn Ranch raised foals. Be on the look out for her name in the descriptions of other horses on this page.

​​Steve (Grade)

Big, stout, 15.3 hands, flashy bay gelding that is ready to be hauled as your #1 tie down horse or the best back up horse in your trailer!!! He is a Grade gelding, finished tie down horse that has been and can be used as a heading horse or pick up horse. He could also be used around the ranch if needed. Very calm and honest. This horse can win you money anytime and anywhere. He is ready to take on whatever you have in store for him. Come try him. You won’t be disappointed.

C.J. purebred horse
Corona horse

Leslie H6

Cute little well bred filly broke to lead. Saddled ten times. Does not want to buck.


Head, heal, or break away horse. Would make a great practice horse.

Beautiful American quarter horses
Molly horse


Sorrel gelding. Started under saddle in the process of tracking a sled and cattle. Will use in pasture this fall. 14.1 Hands 900 lbs.


Sorrel gelding. Good Horse, good bloodlines, needs a feed yard or sale barn job daily.

Stallions are available for breeding
Best stallions for breeding

Hensley H1

Finished cutting horse, currently in tie down training. Great looking, has a huge stop!!!


Pasture Horse, Rope Horse, Brood Mare

Top showjumping stallions 2023
Broodmares horse


Kate has extensive cutting training. She was used in the pasture all summer. Also have been using her as a heel horse, lots and lots of stop!!

​​Andy (Grade)

Team roping horse for sale- 15.2 hands, gelding that is a great heel horse. He has a big motor and can really get you where you need to be on the heel side or heal end. Has been used as a pick up horse. Very solid.

Equine classifieds horse
Team roping horses

“LG” Little Grey

LG is used in pasture ,and started on heel end. Extremely broke!


Registered Name:Zipporedpineprofit

Date of Birth:March 20, 2008

All around prospect for sale- Ranch, heading, healing prospect. This nice gelding is a flashy bay roan, stands 14.3 hands, shows cow and tracks well. 120 days under saddle has been hauled and tied dozens of times at rodeo’s and used to gather and ship cattle. In other words a nice slow start and a strong foundation. (Quiet) Bred well on the top side Zippo Red Pine and on the bottom side New Profit.

Trained Horses
Tie down and team roping horses


Registered Name:Smoky Sugar

Date of Birth: 6/28/2011

Nice, gentle gelding who can perform in many different roping events. Can be hauled for; Tie Down, Breakaway, Heading or Heeling.


Colonel is a first class head horse, will blow out of the corner. Can use anywhere!

Barrel Horses
Barrel Racing Horses


Great ranch horse, decent heading horse, very finished,. Hancock breed. 15.2 Hands 1250 lbs.


Registered Name:LB Smarty

Date of Birth:March 08, 2005

One of Chad Koehn’s favorites! Great, honest horse!

Koehn Ranch bred
Molly horse


Registered Name:Secret Edge

Date of Birth: May 10, 2005

Molly stands 15 hands and progresses every single day in talent. She wants to work and needs to go to someone that can keep her climbing the ladder. A light sorrel mare that could be called a “finished calf horse” in the right hands. She has been ridden by Doug Clark and Gary Johnson.


Registered Name:Tilley Lee Dynamo

Date of Birth:April 28, 2005

All around horse for sale – This red dun mare is a gentle giant standing 15.2 hands. She is very stout and very smooth to ride. She went to the 2012 Junior High National Finals Rodeo in Gallup, New Mexico, as a head horse in team roping. Tilley is a solid heading horse that also can be used in the tie down or breakaway. Trained by Mark Miller and Gary Johnson.

Tilley horse
Diamond horses


Registered Name:Some Days a Diamond

Date of Birth: May 10, 2005

All around horse for sale – Diamond is a solid ranch horse that can move cattle or team rope. Diamond has been trained by Mark Miller at St. John, Kansas. He is a very good looking horse and is bred well. He is a one of a kind, and is as broke as can be.


Registered Name:Mr Dillys Luck

Date of Birth:3/22/2019

Up and coming roping prospect. Great bloodlines and out of Koehn Ranch owned Broodmare, C.J. Beautiful bay roan colt that is built well and is big boned and very well built.

Tee horses


Registered Name:Squeek N Little Boon

Date of Birth: 3/25/2003

Finished in many roping events. Can be hauled for; Tie Down, Breakaway, Heading or Heeling.


Registered Name: Big As A Rocket

Date of Birth 4/25/2019

His sire is an amazing breakaway horse at the high-school rodeos.


Registered Name: HK Good Whiskey

Date of Birth: 2/13/2017

Big beautiful bay mare. Wants to please and easy going. Strong and powerful. She has been used out in the pasture and has drug calves to the iron. She has been to Patrick Martin for tie-down training.